Plata Coffee

Hours + Location

We are currently Closed at our downtown location

We will re-open in Early 2020 at the sawmill market

keep in touch on instagram and facebook

We’ll see you soon!

Our Roots

Aaron + Rose are a couple based in Albuquerque, who believe that to get good out, you have to put good in. We founded Plata Coffee to provide a space for our community to create, share, and grow together.

Aaron’s deep commitment to New Mexico was planted after re-locating to the area from Pennsylvania. His father engrained a deep admiration for New Mexico - the mountains, the desert, and the people who make these landscapes radiant. Aaron founded Plata Coffee because he believes in Albuquerque’s potential and ingenuity, and wanted to give back to the community that has given him many opportunities.

Rose was born and raised in central New Mexico, surrounded by vast skies, red rocks, and open plains. She has always had a deep sense of belonging in New Mexico, and is committed to cultivating and promoting all that is good in her home state.

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Our Vendors

Plata Coffee is invested in Albuquerque’s very own - roasters, makers, chefs and artists. We have the privilege of working with some of the greatest our city has to offer. From Prosum Roasters, an company grounded in community and charity, to PORC, a caterer that understands tradition and culture like no one else does. These are just a few examples of the vast community that we have joined and are thankful to be a part of.